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My clients are individuals, couples, and families from all walks of life living in the beautiful high desert of the Eastern Sierra. They are adults, children, teens, athletes, travelers, students, artists, professionals, parents, partners, who have found themselves up against and struggling with the more challenging aspects of the human experience; the various forms of suffering that we all face everyday or at some point during our life. My clients are looking to develop new skills and habits to support a greater sense of efficacy in their lives, with a willingness to take an honest look at themselves and their lives and begin the slow, intentional work of being the change they want to see.


Some symptoms they may be facing are:

  • a lack of motivation, feelings of emptiness or lack of purpose; 

  • feeling trapped by feelings of anxiety, stress, or anger; 

  • an unexpected or unwanted life change, such as divorce, illness, or loss;

  • at the edge of a major life transition; 

  • the ripple effect from past or present trauma;

  • difficulies with conflict and communication;

  • missing a sense of vitality and/or intimacy in their relationship; 

  • or, simply being tired of wearing a face every day that doesn’t reflect how they truly feel or how they want to feel.


If you are finding yourself facing similar issues or have more specific questions about how the therapeutic process looks and what is required, please call or make an appointment at (760)920-5256.

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